Why Invest In The HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e Printer?

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 has been a mainstay of the HP lineup for many years, but now there is a replacement. The HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e. The question is – can it live up to the reputation of its predecessor? It still has that low cost per printed page – and you do get a six-month ink supply if you’re in Ireland. It’s a rugged unit and performs photo tasks well – the colour range is impressive. But it does have some limitations. It can’t scan both sides of a document and the page yield is underwhelming.

hp officejet pro 8025e

You can opt for an upgrade that gives you 12 months of ink – and a choice of three different colours, but the pecs are basically the same.

Design and Build.

The plastic used in manufacture is of superior quality and the cartridge lid bay is well designed in that it prevents the lid from damaging the printer through too forceful closing. The detachable power cord is a nice touch – making replacement in the event of damage easy. It also makes access to clear paper jams easier. There are some design downsides, amongst them being that the ink cartridges are only accessible when the printer is on.

As far as design is concerned there are some options for those who want to upgrade. The top of the range come sin three different colours, Light Basalt, Oasis, and Coral.

Build & Design Quality

It has a sturdy plastic body and a good cartridge bay lid dampener that prevents the lid from slamming down. Its power cord is detachable, so it’s easy to replace it if ever it gets damaged. Also, it provides easy access to paper jams. Unfortunately, the ink cartridges are only accessible when the printer is on. While the HP 8025e only comes in one colour, its variant, the HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e, comes in three colours: Light Basalt, Coral and Oasis.

The unit has a fairly petite desktop footprint with dimensions as follows:

  • Height 9.1″ (23.2 cm)
  • Width 18.1″ (46.0 cm)
  • Depth 14.6″ (37.0 cm)

It is also easy to transport from location to location within either a home or business with a weight of 17.9 lbs (8.1 kg.)

The colour display screen is very impressive – it allows for easy access to a variety of functions through touch input. Impressive response and audio feedback mean ease of navigation for even the newest of users.

Included in the box are the following:

An easy-to-understand user manual, the HP 910 starter cartridges (including 1x 910 Cyan, 1x 910 Yellow, 1x 910 Magenta, and one 910 Black cartridges.

The cartridge system is not perhaps among the best on the market. The black page yield is not on par with some of the competition. You’ll be replacing Black more often than is comfortable. But, colour performance is exceptional. You are provided with some options when it comes to replacing those cartridges. High yield cartridges are available – and those will almost always result in a higher page yield.

The Scanner

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e Printer does impress when it comes to scanning. The high res flatbed lives up to the HP reputation. It shines when it comes to scanning large documents or documents that might be fragile. The auto feeder works extremely well and scanning multi-page documents is a breeze. The one drawback is it cannot deal with duplex scanning documents printed on both sides that need to be manually turned.


Every asset in a business requires a cost-benefit analysis prior to purchase. This is a printer that delivers – but colour copies will quickly add to overheads. The HP Instant Ink subscription is an attractive incentive (six months free ink). There is also the lure of the top end of the HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e which has a 12-month ink offer.

If you think that you’re going to be saving money by only printing in black, think again. Inkjet printers use colour when doing maintenance tasks – so even if you are not printing out that Pie Chart the colour cartridges are going to be depleted.


This is a printer that will meet the requirements. It’s certainly not blisteringly fast – but it’s OK for most office tasks. Photos are produced quickly and with the 225-page capacity tray you’ll be

Printing Speed

It has an okay printing speed. While both black-only and colour documents take some time to print out, photos are quickly delivered and the quality is excellent. The input tray holds 225 pages – so you won’t be taking the refill trip all that often. The ADF holds 35 sheets, which is acceptable.


It is a printer that performs. It is more than adequate for office work. It’ll provide a spreadsheet or graph that will meet the requirements. However, at the top end – for example, professions that require exact colour reproduction there might be an argument that would provide some ammunition for a better return on investment through alternatives.


Colours are vibrant, but not professional quality (that’s to be expected). There is some graininess and the HP brand can be visible in certain instances. The test was scanned images of a real photo, not a saved image file. So results may vary.

Connecting to other devices

Wireless and wired connectivity are on par with what one would expect of a modern printer. Bluetooth is available -pretty much an industry standard today.


There are a variety of different variants of this printer model. The standard HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e replaces the HP OfficeJet Pro 8025. But there is also the HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e (as mentioned above). It’s basically the same – but with hose three colour variations (and that 12-month ink cartridge offer). Although both models were not tested it seems obvious that performance will be the same across both variants.

Up against the Competition

This is a great business printer for those who want to watch the bank balance. It is similar to the older model but the page yield is higher. It also offers a lower cost per page. The lack of duplex printing is a bit of a letdown – but not an insurmountable hurdle for those whose printing requirements are fairly modest. Speed is not blisteringly fast – but for the average office, it gives value for money.

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