Why businesses should consider Toshiba printing solutions

There are some heavy hitters out there in the printing business. Names like Brother, Canon and Epson tend to stand out from the crowd, but there is a brand producing some exceptional printers that tend to fly under the radar – and this is Toshiba. But Toshiba is renowned for one thing – and that is innovation. It harnesses cutting-edge technology to produce greater printers and copiers (and multifunctional printers).

By way of example- the company’s highly-rated range of e-STUDIO models is a class leader when it comes to printer technology. Taking a closer look at Toshiba printer technology may be instructive.

Company history.

Firstly examining Toshiba’s history will reveal that his one of Japan’s most venerable and largest producers of consumer electronics. IT is also has a massive footprint in the industrial sector. It has its origins in the merger of two Japanese concerns in 1939 – and started its rise to fame by amalgamating a company that was a powerhouse in the production of telegraph equipment and another that focused on incandescent lamps.

The new company was registered as Tokyo Shibaura Denki. And would focus on the manufacture of integrated electric equipment. It was to become Toshiba in 1978.

Toshiba Corp has faced some financial challenges in recent years – but its printing division, Toshiba Tec has become a global leader in the fields of information technology and office equipment, today boasting a workforce of around 20,00 employees and a worldwide network in excess of 80 subsidiaries.

Printers have become big business for Toshiba and the high standard of research and manufacturing of the company’s products has made them a leader with those in search of quality.

Printers and Copiers.

Toshiba has in its arsenal of back and white and colour printers some certifiable winners based on its range of award-winning e-STUDIO™ Multi-Function Printers. The product lineup is vast, ranging from value for money printers aimed at the home market to high speed, high capacity printers for larger businesses.

Experts are continually impressed by Toshiba’s commitment to innovation. Features like unique customisable platforms and erasable printing options push the envelope of what is possible. However, it is also the Toshiba reputation for reliability that also makes them best-sellers, as well as the proven capability to perform multiple tasks in parallel.

Why Toshiba?

There are four primary reasons that both ordinary consumers and business buyers continue to be brand ambassadors for Toshiba.

Those awards. Toshiba continues to collect accolades for its innovation For instance in 2017 it became the first manufacturer to provide technology that allowed for the printing of both black and erasable blueprints.

The unique toner could be erased – allowing professionals to reuse expensive paper stock. Savings on toner would also improve the bottom line of any business. printers using this technology were also capable of performing traditional printing tasks. This functionality is part and parcel of the e-STUDIO 3508LP MFP bundle – and it was recognized with an award from Keypoint Intelligence, a leader in the field of information and test data.

Toshiba also scooped up the Better Buy 2019 ‘Innovative Product of the Year’ for its groundbreaking multifunctional printers (MFPs). The e-STUDIO 5015AC series (all five) outperformed other products in the high-volume, colour segment. Special mention was made of the Elevate™ customization technology, which allows a business to tailor the output to suit their unique workflow needs.

Custom Setup

The Elevate user interface (UI) has won a number of awards for innovation for a reason. It makes automation simple – and for those companies that want to customize the output to match common business processes. It provides a number of paths to improved productivity and profit – and the reduction of overheads.

The technology is also extremely intuitive. The machines provide a number of buttons that give access to preset configurations allowing for easy management of everyday tasks – and a number of shortcuts. This allows for a workflow to be streamlined, saving time and increasing productivity


The award-winning elevate platform does make printing easier, even for the more complex of tasks – but it is also incredibly intuitive. Employees quickly become used to the interface and document management options. Most functions can be accomplished with the simple push of a button. This means fewer mistakes, leading to less maintenance and almost immediate cost savings. Of course, in today’s business environment security is an overriding concern – and with the Toshiba, system scanned documents and that stored for printing, as well as physical copies, are protected.

Green Credentials

Toshiba is committed to the concept of sustainability. It produces products that avoid the use of substances and production methods that will harm the environment. It also takes care to select partners that share in its vision of a greener tomorrow.

For instance, Toshiba Canada has now achieved a 92% waste diversion rate at all 14 of its Canadian facilities. That achievement has resulted in the awarding of the coveted ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification.

The Buzz

In a recent head-to-head comparison between Toshiba and canon printers, the judges praised the reliability of Toshiba printers. One reviewer went as far as to say “Toshiba models are more resilient and less likely to break down.” That equates to an exceptional return on investment.

Keypoint Intelligence, one of the world’s leading industrial intelligence companies singled out the e-STUDIO 4518A as the best choice in mid-range monochrome printers, citing reliability, scan speed and all-around performance as the key to the recognition of excellence.

But there were a few caveats. When reviewing ‘Best Small Business Copiers of 2019’, buinsess.com had reservations about the model’s average resolution a tray size. They maintained it did not meet the standards set by other colour copiers in the same class.

A review of the e-STUDIO 3515AC cited high price as a barrier to purchase. Adding to the negative evaluation was the fact that the printer did not come equipped with a document feeder – an industry standard. Although it must be noted that this did come as an after-market accessory (but that added to an already high cost for small businesses).


A few negative evaluations do not detract from the quality of Toshiba products. The overwhelming verdict is that Toshiba gets high marks across the board.

For those ins search of value for money and a quality product, Toshiba printers tick all the right boxes. The p[rinters and copiers manufactured by the global powerhouse warrant careful evaluation. If you are in search of a cheap and cheerful option then it may be necessary to look elsewhere.

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