Ultimate Huawei MateView GT Review

HUAWEI is a renowned phone and laptop brand. That being so, when they released the Huawei MateView GT, a gaming monitor, everyone was surprised! But when you think about it, it does make sense given that the gaming sector is rising and Huawei already manufactures displays.

Ultimate Huawei MateView GT Review

Of course, the company had to take advantage of the lucrative gaming market and expand beyond smartphones and laptops. Well, for their first gaming monitor, the Huawei MateView GT is beautifully crafted and has excellent value for money.

At 34 inches, The MateView GT provides a strong first impression, with good specifications and a price that undercuts much of the competition. Is it, however, one of the greatest gaming monitors available? Read on to find out:

Huawei MateView GT Features and Specifications

• Price and availability

The MateView GT is reasonably priced: it goes for £499 in the UK, and €549 in Ireland. In as much as the deal is tempting, we have to acknowledge that the price pits Huawei against competitors who use the same design factor.

The Cooler Master GM34-CW, for example, is another surprising debut from an unexpected company. It goes for €714 in Ireland, and £549, in the UK. The MSI MPG Artymis 343CQR is yet another option. It is however more expensive than the MateView GT, going for €849 in Ireland, and £759 in the UK.

• Design and Display

The Huawei MateView GT features a 34-inch widescreen display that is both immersive and effective. It has a 21:9 aspect ratio which makes it a good place to start: the extra width makes games more immersive, with racing, shooters, flight simulators, and adventure games benefiting the most from the extra horizontal area.

The 3440 x 1440 resolution is also good – the 109ppi density is crisp enough for games to look terrific, and there’s more vertical space than on a standard 1080p panel. You won’t need a high-end graphics card to run games smoothly on the MateView GT.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t have a decent GPU – you need at least have an AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT or an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 or 3060 – but Huawei doesn’t require any of the four-figure flagship GPUs.

The MateView GT’s dimensions, resolution, and aspect ratio are comparable to those of Cooler Master and MSI. The MateView also has a 1500R curve, which is similar to the Cooler Masters. It’s a respectable radius that wraps the panel around the user reasonably well, but MSI’s 1000R design was tighter and perhaps more immersive.

Underneath the curving glass, there are no surprises; the monitor uses a VA panel with 10-bit colour. The 4ms response time is acceptable for single-player gaming, but it is insufficient for eSports, and it lags behind both competitors. The MateView’s refresh rate peaks at 165Hz, which is a good number for mainstream gaming, and it includes AMD FreeSync, which works with both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards to give any gameplay a smoother feel.

The monitor is made of a solid panel all over, save for the base with its soundbar. The stand is a solid slab of metal with minimal bezels and excellent build quality. The MateView is simple to put together and features a height adjustment range of 110mm and a tilt range of 25 degrees.

It also supports 100mm VESA installation, albeit you won’t be able to use the soundbar if you do so. There’s also no swivel movement, which is something both competitors have. There are also no cable-tidying loops or cavities on the stand.

• Sound

The MateView looks cool from the outside thanks to its base that houses a soundbar with 2 5W speakers. It also features a microphone and programmable RGB LEDs found on the front of the soundbar. These are touch-sensitive and are used to control the volume.

The speakers are incredibly loud, easily filling a room, with plenty of strong basses and a clear mid-range. These speakers are easily excellent enough for mainstream gaming, especially given the bass, and they outperform any competitor’s audio kit. As a result, they’re an excellent choice if you want good sound without having to rely on external hardware.

They aren’t foolproof, however. The bass is powerful, but it overpowers the mid-range, and the top-end is a little tinny. Consequently, the speakers don’t compare to a proper soundbar, good external speakers, or even a good TV.

• Connectivity

A single DisplayPort connection and two HDMI 2.0 connectors are available as image inputs, and the display is powered by an external unit through a USB-C connection. There is an audio jack on Huawei’s panel, as well as a second USB-C connector that enables DisplayPort, data transfer, and charging at 10W. It’s also simple to use: the OSD appears unassuming, but it’s snappy and well-organized.

• Picture Quality

Image quality is excellent. The monitor delivers exceptional contrast, black levels, and colour accuracy. In HDR, however, it’s a letdown. Its 165Hz FreeSync is great for most games, but it can cause some fuzzy animation in fast-paced situations. Let’s explore this deeper:

The GT’s VA panel had a black point of 0.04 nits and a brightness rating of 205 nits right out of the box. The latter number is incredible, and the results produce a 5125:1 contrast ratio. That’s a lot of pixels, which means the Huawei has a lot of depth, bright colours, and great vibrancy and nuance.

It’s brisk, vivacious, and impressive. It outperforms both competitors in this area — both featured VA technology, but neither could match the contrast. Moreover, the colours on the MateView GT are vibrant. The colour temperature of 6318K is outstanding, and the Delta E of 1.41 is below the point where human eyes can notice variances.

The Huawei screen displayed 99.2% of the sRGB gamut at 122.7% volume, which indicates rich, vivid colours in mainstream games, as well as 86.9% of the DCI-P3 spectrum. This is a touch lower than Huawei’s advertised 90%, but it’s not a bad report card — only the Cooler Master outperformed the Huawei in gamuts, and the Huawei outperforms both rivals in terms of accuracy.

When the display was switched to HDR mode, it reached a peak brightness of 399 nits and a black point of 0.08 nits, resulting in a contrast ratio of 4988:1. This display’s contrast is a little lower than the SDR figure, and it also lacks any fancy dimming technologies.

Unless you’ve modified the SDR brightness parameters manually, you receive a slight bump in HDR games because its peak brightness is higher than the panel’s factory values. However, because of the lack of adequate dimming, unchanging contrast, and a greater black point, HDR does not provide a significant improvement over SDR in this area.

The monitor’s 165Hz refresh rate is sufficient for mainstream gaming, including mainstream esports, and AMD FreeSync provides smooth performance in all games. The big single-player games run smoothly on this monitor. The medium-range 165Hz refresh rate, combined with a 4ms is excellent on paper but it falls short of the 1ms reaction speeds offered by the Cooler Master and MSI displays, resulting in some undesirable blurring on this panel.

This won’t have much of an impact in most gaming circumstances, and the tiny blurring and sluggish response times are barely visible in those major AAA single-player games, but it’s worth turning on the Overdrive feature on the display to get the best experience. However, don’t use the first three modes because they still cause a lot of blurring.

The highest Overdrive mode on this display is level four, and it’s by far the greatest. There’s still some blurring, but compared to the other settings, the ghosting, inverse ghosting, and blur are dark and minimal. By far, the maximum Overdrive setting provides the crispest, smoothest experience.

Final Verdict

Overall, there’s a lot to appreciate here: The MateView GT offers a brilliant, bold widescreen experience at a lower price than its competitors, and those speakers make it a good choice if you don’t want to use additional audio hardware. It’s a colourful, simple, and effective mainstream display, as well as Huawei’s first foray into the monitor market. Beginners and mid-level gamers will find it a valuable addition at an affordable price range.

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