Top Tips On How To Choose The Best Budget Monitors

Value for money monitors provides many benefits and advantages, without having to spend a fortune. You can also be sure of impressive displays, VESA- mount compatibility, accurate colours, decent brightness, and more. You can enjoy all these features without having to put a dent in your bank account. There are also many affordable monitors on the market to choose from.

Here at Laptop Mag, we have extensive experience when it comes to finding the best cheap monitors. Here is our list of the top budget monitors. Some of these were either thoroughly researched, or tested by our company. We have done the work on your behalf, saving you time when it comes to research.

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The top affordable monitors that provide value for money are not always that easy to locate, whether you are looking for general-purpose monitors or gaming monitors. There are also various factors to take into consideration, including resolution, colour quality, refresh rates, size, brightness, and more. For this reason, we have included an informative short guide when you reach the end, with all the information that you need to find an affordable monitor.

It is also important to know those expensive monitors are not always an indication of the best quality. When you start looking for top-rated budget monitors, it is important to make sure you are getting all the features that you need. However, the cheaper monitors might mean settling for a few trade-offs, such as the refresh rate, brightness, screen size, or one or more other attractive features.

Our buying guide reveals the pros and cons of the top selections for the top affordable monitors of 2021. We hope, that this guide will help you to select a monitor that works for you.

If you want to avoid making a mistake by investing in the wrong type of monitor, keep reading to find out more about our top suggestions.

About The Best Cheap Monitors?

The HP Omen is the top-rated budget monitor, with an impressive review rating on Amazon of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is a reliable and slim workhorse that provides a viewing experience that is slightly more immersive.

Here are a few of our pics we would like to recommend:

Hp Omen Monitor

The HP Omen is available in various display sizes, but this review is about the HP Omen 24.5-inch model, coming in at around €250. We enjoyed this model as one of the top cheap monitors since it includes everything that gamers need to enjoy an immersive and satisfying gaming experience.

It offers a 1ms super-fast response rate, and a 144Hz refresh rate, along with AMD FreeSync, an impressive technology that lowers input lag, monitors stutter, and screen tears, helping you to dominate your fast-paced gameplay.

The anti-glare panel allows you to still play even when the sun starts to shine through a window. It also includes wider viewing angles and a tilt adjustment.

Acer R240HY bidx Monitor

This model boasts a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Amazon.

Many customers often mention the Acer KG251Q Fbmidpx for its bright hues and rich darks. Users have praised the Acer R240HY bidx as one of the best options for hooking up to a gaming console and for an “external” monitor experience. Even digital designers and architects were surprised by the KG251G bid’s resolution, brightness, and colour. At this price tag, the Acer R240HY bidx provides outstanding value for money.

ViewSonic VP2458 24-Inch Monitor

The ViewSonic VP2458 Professional is one of the top affordable monitors for those interested in monitors that provide accurate and vivid colours. The VP2458 Professional features a Delta E score under 2 (the closer to 0, the better). Delta-E is an indication of the accuracy of the colours on a monitor, meaning the colour accuracy on the ViewSonic is satisfactory when it comes to viewing pleasure. This monitor is the ideal choice for digital artists and graphic designers.

The ViewSonic VP2458 Professional 24-inch is another ideal monitor for many productivity users. This monitor also includes a blue-light filter for all-day comfort and to boost productivity. However, one of the trade-offs that make this monitor cheaper, is the slow response time of 7ms.

ASUS VS228H-P Monitor

This is also one of the top-rated budget-friendly monitors, thanks to its price. The trade-off with this model is the screen size which only offers a 22-inch screen including a basic TN panel.

The display is capable, and even bordering on impressive. It includes accurate colour (Delta-E 0.10) and 184 nits of average brightness. It also covers adequate levels of the sRGB gamut (110%). This monitor is also versatile, due to the VESA-mount compatibility along with an audio jack that you can use to connect headphones or speakers (once connected over HDMI). It also includes an impressive 3-year warranty.

AOC C24G1 Curved Frameless 24 Monitor

The AOC C24G1 is also among the cheapest best monitors available that include a high 144Hz refresh rate. On Amazon, this monitor boasts a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. Customers that have bought this stunning monitor often praise its crisp, sharp visual quality. It might not be as visually appealing as a 4K monitor, but it still provides an impressive picture quality.

The AOC C24G1 Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor 24″ offers a 1ms fast response rate, which is useful for games that require precise timing and fast reflexes. This is one of the top-selling points for gamers, especially in games where a difference between living or dying takes place in milliseconds. A fast response rate becomes vital if you want an advantage over an opponent.

These monitors are also compatible with VESA mounting, allowing you to attach your monitor to a wall. The AOC C24G1 is the ideal choice for budget-conscious consumers that are looking for an affordable alternative for either your office, gaming, or artistic needs.

Asus VS248H Monitor

The Asus VS248H 24-inch is a reliable choice for bargain hunters. It also includes a fast 2 millisecond response time, the Asus’s standard 3-year warranty, and an adequate-size display. While the gamut (108%) and colour accuracy (Delta-E of 0.10) are not anything special, these monitors do provide improved brightness when it comes to many of the other budget-priced models our company has tested, averaging on 241 nits. At the same time, the control on this monitor is both easy to use and see, due to the placement and clear labels across the bezel at the bottom.

Dell SE2416HX Monitor

If you are looking for the best affordable monitor from Dell, the SE2416HX is it. It offers an attractive price tag for a 24-inch display. It also boasts great viewing angles due to the IPS panel. The solid colour accuracy is among the best we have seen, while the sRGB colour gamut is 108%.

However, the SE2416HX does include a few trade-offs for this affordable price. The monitor includes a dimmer-than-average brightness of around only 179 nits. The response time is also a bit slow (6 milliseconds), which may cause image smearing, especially when watching fast-paced games or videos. These monitors offer an attractive sleek design and inputs for VGA and HDMI, but it doesn’t include mounting support. This model includes an average 1-year warranty.

Tips On How To Choose A Budget-Friendly Monitor For Your Needs

When it comes to this particular price range, the screens usually have 1080p (1920 x 1080 resolution, but never higher and the screens will be under 30 inches. The top budget monitors that we tested and reviewed use IPS display technology, yet most still use older TN panels, that often include less accurate colours and narrower or restricted viewing angles. It is also common to sacrifice a few conveniences including built-in USB connections, height-adjustable stands, and fast refresh rates.

Screen Size

Here we will discuss screen size. Monitors range from anything between 20 inches to 49 inches. But if you do not have a lot to spend on your monitor, you can expect screen displays under 30 inches.


Resolution is also important, which references the vertical and horizontal pixel numbers. The higher numbers translate into sharper displays. The cheaper monitors often mean that you won’t get anything that exceeds 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). As the screen gets larger, the resolution should also increase. For instance, 1080p resolution should work fine with 24-inch monitors, but not that great on a 27-inch monitor since it would need to “stretch” to fit the space of the screen.


The panels come in 4 main types including OLED, VA, IPS, and TN. The VA and TN panels are typically more affordable. One of the advantages of the TN panels is that they offer lower input lag and adequate response times, but might not be the best option when it comes to viewing angles and colour richness.

VA panels provide vibrant colours and better contrast but are usually not the best choice for budget-conscious gamers (TN might be a better option when it comes to response rates, but the image quality might not be that great).

IPS provides improved image quality over the VA and TN panels, but response times might be a bit subpar for gamers. IPS panels tend to be the top choice for creators including image editors and video editors looking for an affordable monitor. OLED panels are the most expensive option that you won’t find in cheaper monitors.

VESA-Mount Compatibility

If you want to mount a monitor to your VESA mount, you need to ensure that you choose a monitor that features VESA-mount compatibility.

Tilt Adjustment

If you are looking for a monitor that can change angles, look for a monitor that includes tilt adjustment abilities.


It is also important to consider how many ports you will need. For example, the more current laptops use these options for a display connection: USB-C (Thunderbolt 3), DisplayPort, or HDMI. It is important to make sure that the monitor that you choose can connect to your laptop.

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