The Ultimate HP Colour Officejet Pro 8730 A4 Printer Review

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8730 is a valuable all-in-one (AIO) addition to any small office, capable of replacing midrange colour laser printers. It goes far and beyond to outdo the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4720, notably the editor’s choice, thanks to its additional productivity and convenience features.

These include an automated document feeder (ADF), auto-duplexing features as well as a higher capacity. Besides that, this medium-volume inkjet printer is fast, has a great quality of print and is built better than most of its competitors. The bevvy of appealing features, however, comes at a price: It costs nearly twice as much like the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4720!

It’s indeed a fantastic business-oriented all-in-one office equipment but can you justify the premium price? Here is a complete review to know whether this one suits your home office or medium-sized workplace:

HP OfficeJet Pro 8730 All-in-One Printer: Features

• Size

Its HWD dimensions are 16.2 by 19.7 by 16.2 inches, and it weighs a hefty 40.1 pounds. The Epson WF-4720 is several inches smaller and 20 pounds lighter, while Canon’s Pixma TR8520 Wireless Home Office All-in-One (another Editors’ Choice) is even smaller and about 23 pounds lighter.

Nonetheless, its size is justified by its paper capacity and additional features. The OfficeJet 8730 is a beast when compared to most inkjet competitors. It in fact compares to most entry-level and midrange colour laser AIOs although these tend to be larger and heavier than the average comparable inkjet.

HP Colour Officejet Pro 8730 A4 Printer

• Fantastic Color Laser AIO Option

According to HP, the OfficeJet 8730 is a 5-in-1 AIO that can fax, scan, copy, print, and connect to the internet. While nearly all networkable printers today have an internet connection, and many offer web apps for optimizing functions and setting one-touch workflow profiles, only HP elevates this capability to a top-level function on par with printing and copying—for what it’s worth.

• Paper Capacity and Auto-duplexing Feature

The OfficeJet 8730 has a 50-sheet single-pass (both sides scanned at the same time) duplexing ADF. This is similar to Canon’s Maxify MB2120 €130.49 and imageClass MF634Cdw printers. The ADF of the Canon MF634Cdw colour laser can scan two-sided documents automatically and is single-pass as well.

The OfficeJet 8730 comes with one 250-sheet cassette which holds paper sizes ranging from 4 by 6 inches to 8.5 by 13 inches (legal-size). If you enjoy the capabilities of this machine but need more paper capacity, HP’s OfficeJet 8740 comes with two 250-sheet trays for an extra €50. Moreover, if you predict that you may need more capacity as time goes by, HP provides an add-on 250-sheet tray for €80.

Both OfficeJet 8730 and 8740 have 30,000-page maximum duty cycles and a suggested monthly page volume of 2,000 pages. This coincides with those of the Epson WF-4720 and the Canon MF634Cdw. The Maxify MB2120 however has a 20,000-page duty cycle.

HP Colour Officejet Pro 8730 A4 Printer

• Convenience Features

The OfficeJet 8730’s large 4.3-inch colour touch screen is not only stunning but convenient. It serves as the control panel aside from having the typical navigation buttons like Cancel, Back, Home and a Wi-Fi status LED. The display features large, easy-to-poke icons, swipe navigation, and is plain intuitive to use. You can also use the built-in secure SSL (HTTPS) website to read, access and print reports, check consumables, configure, and do almost everything else.

• Security and Heavy-Duty Connectivity

From USB-PC connections to Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and any connectivity method you can think of, the OfficeJet 8730 can handle them all! You also get two peer-to-peer network protocols, Wi-Fi Direct (or “Wireless Direct,” as HP calls their version) and near-field communication (NFC), which allow you to connect your smartphone or tablet to the AIO without the need for a LAN or router.

Some examples fo 3rd party connections include Mopria, Apple AirPort Time Capsule, Apple AirPort Extreme, Apple AirPort Express, and Apple AirPort. There’s also the previously mentioned web apps. HP offers a variety of apps, including ones for scanning and printing from popular cloud services like Google Cloud Print and Microsoft OneDrive.

HP Colour Officejet Pro 8730 A4 Printer

Note that the AIO must be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or Ethernet to download and use web apps. When using this feature for the first time, the setup program offers to lead you through the process of making an account on HP’s site to download and install new apps but you can connect later by clicking the web icon.

As previously stated, HP markets the OfficeJet 8730 as an entry-level to midrange colour laser AIO, and as such, it includes a slew of security measures that you won’t find on most inkjet printers. For starters, the auxiliary USB connector on the back of the chassis supports third-party badge-reader authentication systems.

Other notable security measures include:

  • A built-in firewall
  • Certificate authentication
  • Service (or feature) disablement
  • Wireless authentication to keep out undesirable Wi-Fi users
  • Control panel lockout
  • Colour access lockout by the user
  • Configurable authentication time out and logoff
  • The ability to secure prints with PINs to restrict access to sensitive documents (Secure Print).

• Print Speed: Fast Inkjet AIO

HP rates the OfficeJet 8730 at 24 monochrome pages per minute (ppm), which is greater than all of the other printers on this list. The Epson WF-4720, for example, has a print speed of 20 pages per minute. (I used our regular Intel Core i5-equipped testbed PC running Windows 10 Professional to test the OfficeJet 8730 via Ethernet.)

The OfficeJet 8730 printed our 12-page monochrome Microsoft Word text document at 25.7ppm, approximately 2ppm faster than its rating. The Canon TR8520 matched its 15ppm rating; the Canon Maxify beat its 19ppm rating by 1ppm; the Canon MF634Cdw equalled its 19ppm rating, and the WF-4720 matched its 20ppm rating.

In comparison to the other models on this list, the OfficeJet 8730 produced amazing results on our elaborate colour business papers with charts, graphs, and photographs. I added those numbers to the ones from printing our 12-page text document in the previous test to get a total rate of 11.3ppm for the suite. The MF634Cdw was only 0.7ppm slower than the OfficeJet 8730 while the MB2120 was 3.5ppm slower. On the other hand, the WF-4720 was about 3ppm faster.

While the OfficeJet 8730 isn’t a photo printer, the outcomes of our two 4-by-6-inch vivid and detailed photographs were quite nice. Although I couldn’t get it to print borderless pictures (the specs say it only prints edge-to-edge, or borderless, on A4 and letter-size paper), I did time the bordered photographs at 37 seconds, which is about usual for these machines. The TR8520, for example, took 35 seconds to print the identical photographs, whereas the MB2120 took 43 seconds.

• Print Quality: Near-Laser Quality

The OfficeJet 8730’s total output isn’t laser-quality, but it produced near-typesetter-quality text and impressive-looking images. Its corporate graphics output had a few tiny problems; I saw some little banding in a few of our PowerPoint slides and Excel charts, but not enough to ruin the document. The only significant banding I encountered was on a full-page handout with a background gradient that progressively fades from green to black, but many of the AIOs and printers we tested struggled to reproduce the slide.

Photos looked nice, even though I couldn’t print them borderless; each image had a small (approximately 0.25-inch) white margin around it, making it look unfinished, but photos incorporated in larger documents, such as brochures and newsletters, looked great. It’s also worth noting that laser printers cannot print without a border at any size.

At the very least, its ability to print borderless letter-size pages allows you to produce professional-looking flyers and brochures. However, most inkjet printers, including the ones listed here, can print borderless content of any size.

• Cost Per Page

The OfficeJet 8730 has the lowest operating costs of all the printers I’ve discussed so far. The cost per page (CPP) for monochrome pages is roughly 1.7 cents and 7.7 cents for colour pages when you use the highest-yield ink cartridges.

A Great Deal of Printer

The HP OfficeJet 8730 has a lot to offer. It’s fast and prints well in general at a low cost per page. In fact, it would easily dethrone Epson’s WF-4720 as our Editors’ Choice if it produced business graphics a little better and didn’t have such a premium price.

That said, if money is not a limiting factor, The HP OfficeJet 8730 is a capable complement to your small- or medium-sized office or workgroup, or possibly your home-based office. It is also an ideal choice when looking for laser printers since it’s closer to a colour laser AIO than many of its competitors.

As such, we hope this review has helped shed some light on the OfficeJet 8730 to help make an informed decision when buying!

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