Self-Employed Smart Home Installer Earns £120,000 A Year…

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Hype and hot air, or a real opportunity?

Publicity around the Smart Homes in the UK is huge due to the high value of the Smart Home Market that is estimated to be around £1 billion yearly, and there are just 1,250 Smart home Technicians in the UK. Doing the maths, we can see that this is comparable to £800,000 per Technician. Indeed, sign me up! Or on the other hand, possibly not… it appears to be that nobody can settle on the real worth of the Smart Home Market today, or on how the general market valuations can be separated to the likely profit for a keen home installer.

How the job changed Kevan?

For many of us since Covid started, having a stable job that allows you to earn a mint and not to worry about tomorrow has become a dream. The smart home installer from Manchester Kevan is living his dream.

Self-Employed Smart Home Installer Earns £120,000 A Year...

Working on his own and with the pace that suits him, Kevan can make almost the same as a highly qualified Surgeon. Kevan is living his boy dream by playing with high tech gadgets and converting normal houses to smart houses.

Kevan was an electrician for more than 10 years but his profession has become too demanding and fees were dropping year by year with clients that called in the middle of the night. In one moment he worked on some project together with smart home technicians that were much more relaxed and not over pressurised with tight deadlines.

While that technology of the smart home was not something Kevan could not understand, he gave it a try. After a couple of installations, he started to receive calls from high profile clients that could be charged fairly for the job and the job could be better planned and organized. In a year he started rejecting regular electrical installation work and accepting only smart home installations.

To be fair Smart home installations is not an easy job that everyone can perform, there is a responsibility and availability that clients expect from you but significantly less compared to regular Electrician work.

What is a smart home?

Smart homes becoming popular in recent years especially after Bill Gates and Elon Mush have introduced their fully automated smart homes. That story has reached other enthusiasts in the tech industry who also wanted and could afford to convert their homes. All that lead to a trend in some circles that caused that Smart Homes are must-have in the same way as Tesla cars.

Sustainable living and only contributed to the new trends.

Is everything green with Smart homes as it sounds?

A massive amount of information is flooding the internet about the technology but not very often information that is leading you to a quality solution and long term saving and home improvement.

Aruba WiFi Router and Switch
Convert Your Home to Smart and Protect it with Aruba Instant On

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