Review of the HP 15S-FQ4553SA

For those looking for an affordable and practical laptop, the HP 15S-FQ4553SA offers an array of advantages and a pretty decent presentation. Of course, there are some smaller issues that are pretty hard to ignore, beginning with an over-eager fan and a few graphic glitches.

In our following review, we will take a closer look at some of the other impressive features that 15S-FQ4553SA offers.

Case – A robust Shell without maintenance options

You will find that the top and bottom, as well as the edges of the HP 15S-FQ4553SA, are made of quality metal, the keyboard and monitor are trimmed with a more affordable plastic. The transitions are made well so that that they are hardly detectable

The manufacturer also chooses a thicker bezel above the display, in place of a slimmer bezel seen in other options. But this also means that the webcam can be found in the perfect location and not too far from where we would expect a well-appointed webcam to remain. The top half of the laptop will open to a full 140° and the sturdy hinges will hold this section firmly in place.

We liked the fact that the workmanship that went into this option is more than adequate, but the lower half can’t be opened and accessed without tremendous effort. It takes much more than simply removing the screws to gain access to the interior and after repeated attempts with all manner of plastic prying implements, we threw up our arms in defeat — after all, we didn’t want to damage any of the interior components with our efforts.


The Legendary HP manufacturers include a variety of necessary connections for their product, including the USB Type-C port and a reader for SD cards as well. Because there are always compatibility issues, it is a good idea to make sure this device will read your cards before you make a purchase. Only the first couple of millimetres on the inserted SD card will be entered and the rest juts out. This makes the card a little hard to remove and there are no spring mechanisms.


HP 15S-FQ4553SA users will be happy to have access to wireless internet connections with WiFi5 capacity. But there is no 2X2-MIMO Technology, and this means that the laptop is only capable of relatively slow transfer speeds no greater than 225/MBS and as much as 253/MBS when sending data.


Within the box housing your HP 15S-FQ4553SA you will only find the notebook itself as well as the power supply. Nevertheless, the manufacturer makes a wide variety of additional supplies and accessories available from their website.


There are no maintenance flaps included in the HP 15S-FQ4553SA and as we have mentioned, opening the notebook is not easy. It is recommended that you leave any service of this laptop to the proper experts. The risk of damaging the interior components is very high.


The manufacturer’s offer a warranty period of up to 24 months for buyers of the | HP 15S-FQ4553SA . But there are also a variety of expansion options to consider as well.

Input Devices – Standard keyboard and ClickPad


The HP 15S-FQ4553SA is equipped with a keyboard and provides a rather spongy typing experience because the keys are not sitting tightly in their positions. Nevertheless, they also provide a textured surface that makes hours of typing a little more manageable. You will also find the “num lock”, “Delete” and “Home” keys are available on the primary key selection


There is a ClickPad available for the mouse interface. The smooth surface allows for smooth and simple navigation. The click of the mouse is also triggered reliably and offers feedback for mechanical input.


The HP 15S-FQ4553SA has a display of a 15” IPS panel with a resolution of 1920X1080. With 234 cd/m² and an acceptable brightness of 86%, you can expect visibility that matches whatever the competition is offering. HP doesn’t apply the same PWM used in brightness controls and this is a good thing for users with sensitive eyes.


The HP 15S-FQ4553SA is equipped with a powerful Intel-Core I5 Quad-Core Processor (i5-1155G7). This processor is created with state-of-the-art Ice Lake technology and can run as many as 8 threads simultaneously. With clock speeds ranging from 1 – 4.5gHz, the length of time it is capable of maintaining the top speed will be determined by the amount of heat being dissipated by the cooling system.

Storage Solution

HP also applies the 265 GB SSD that can also be found in the 15s notebook.

Graphics Card

The HP 15S-FQ4553SA includes an integrated UHD Graphics G1 that handles the image display. This is best suited for programs that place very low demands on the graphic engine. Additionally, we found in testing that many of the benchmarks we used to test the machine proved problematic and many of them would not even start with a driver update.

Gaming Performance

The integrated graphics unit — Intel Iris XE Graphics — is only suitable for the most basic and antiquated games. Even older games will have to be run on the lowest graphic settings.

Noise emission

The cooling fans for the HP 15S-FQ4553SA will turn on constantly. We could hear them firing up each time we started up the browser and even when we ran a battery test. Even though the noise in itself is not annoying, they are rather loud and this may not be suitable for a noise-sensitive environment.


The warmest spot of the notebook is located on the right side of the interface as well as on the top and bottom. While your palms will not be heated during regular use, you are sure to notice this heat coming from the number block.


The HP 15S-FQ4553SA is equipped with integrated speakers that only produce a low level of volume, but they offer a decent sound spectrum. This is ok for playing music in quiet environments, but if you want to enjoy the music or focus on the audio track you may want to use an external sound system. This can also be connected to the 3.5 aux. Port.


As you can see, the HP 15S-FQ4553SA is well suited to a user who will not place very high demands on their system. The 15S-FQ4553SA can be counted on to do what it is intended to and this should cover all regular office, internet, media content and sound performance demands. Battery life is over 10 hours and this is more than suitable for most users.

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