Panasonic’s Megatron 8

A new material launched by Panasonic has a multi-layer printed circuit board that enhances high-speed communication networking for routers and switches.

As the backbone of technology for the Internet, high-speed communication network equipment now must meet 800 GbE or 112 Gbps, PAM4 as targets. These are twice as fast as the present 400 GbE standards. While this may be a challenge for circuit boards, it increases the speed and the frequency to improve transmission

Network Switch

Instead of using fluoropolymer-based materials for your circuit board, Panasonic has combined a proprietary resin design with an ultra-low dielectric dissipation glass cloth and it has a low-profile copper foil. This greatly improves the dielectric properties for the low transmission loss that is required for higher performance and a higher layer count on future lines of PCB manufacturing.

This material greatly reduces the transmission loss for this particular kind of circuit board at 286 GHz by as much as 30% in comparison to the Megatron 7 R-5785 materials that Panasonic says are the lowest available in the industry. Thermoset resin materials have heat resistance and reliability that is similar to Panasonic’s previous generation. This ensures the same manufacturability and the processability as a Panasonic conventional PCB product of laminate and it can be readily manufactured via standard multi-layer circuitry processes.

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