Overview Of Managed Print Services (MPS)

In most cases, an external provider is going to provide managed print services for company documents i.e. the printing that a company needs to have done. The main components that will be provided, and assessed, will be based upon the hardware, services provided, and supplies that are needed in order to operate an existing or a new type of hardware (including equipment provided by 1/3 party if the customer does require it).

Managed Print Services MPS

Additionally, a managed print provider can also manage how the copier, printer, MFP fleet, and fax machine are being used, plus any problems that may arise which could affect user satisfaction. Instead of simply dedicating resources that can be obtained internally to these business activities revolving around printing, businesses can outsource them which will free up needed resources for more relevant activities for business concerns.

Reasons for using Managed Print Services:

  • Improve reliability and consistency for print service
  • Cost savings/ROI
  • Enhance overall security
  • Reduce the amount of paper that is wasted, as well as wasted energy consumption and supplies
  • Productivity

By managing your print infrastructure, and the related processes, this can be time-consuming and costly, plus drain resources which can distract staff members from conducting and completing business activities that are more vital for your business in general.

Enhanced Security

A highly vital benefit, one that is seldomly talked about, revolves around managed print services and also document security. Were you aware that data breaches can occur which are often the result of people accessing printers or even similar devices?

In most offices, printers are used, and therefore may not be as visible as you would think. More precisely, when considering issues related to IT security, they are often not at the top of the list. Why is that? It is because most people believe that devices like printers cannot be accessed by hackers. However, it is clear that hackers can access printers, at least 35% of the breaches, are the result of poor print security issues.

Boost Productivity

In most cases, printing should be a very simple task – not one that will consume a lot of time. MPS programs will make this much more possible. By streamlining the process of printing, and using the proper devices, employees will spend less time printing items, and doing related tasks, and instead can focus on their responsibilities.

Similarly, managed print services can help your IT department minimize its workload. They will not have to troubleshoot printer problems, and your IT people can focus upon projects and critical issues that will help advance the profitability and functionality of your company.

Minimize Wastage

It is common for wasteful printing practices to lead to higher print costs for most companies that are not aying attention. An example of this is when you are using colour printing. Frequently, employees that are in charge of printing documents, such as emails, will use colours even though it is not needed. By wasting the toner that is in the cartridges, expenses will be increased.

There is also the issue of unclaimed documents which will simply be thrown away that were printed. Subsequently, owners may realize that they cannot find their document, and then print new copies.

Is Managed Print Services (MPS) Right For You And Your Company?

In order to determine if managed print services is the best choice for your business, you need to answer one question – Is printing something that your company needs to do in order to become successful? If this is an affirmative, then managed print services would be beneficial and you should consider making this type of investment.

Managed Print Services are not just designated for larger corporations with a multitude of printers, but they are also for medium to small-sized enterprises that you rely upon the use of paper documents that are printed. It really does not matter how larger businesses, or how many devices you have, because it really is about the impact of these improvements, in conjunction with your printing equipment, that will lead to something positive for your business.

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