HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer: Why It’s One of the Best in the Business

An inkjet printer is an excellent choice when it comes to mobile printers as it provides a high-quality colour output on standard, letter-size paper. If you are looking for such a top-notch printer, you can rely on the HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer without any second thoughts.

Design and features

Some of the reasons why the OfficeJet 200’s design and features stand out are as follows:

• It sports the standard dimensions of other mobile inkjet printers, measuring 2.7 x 14.3 x 7 inches. The printer weighs only 4.9 pounds with the battery, making it almost half a pound lighter than its counterpart, the OfficeJet 100. Its weight matches that of the Canon Pixma iP110 Wireless Mobile Printer that weighs 5 pounds with the battery.

• The 2-inch display of this printer has a few buttons, such as Home, Wireless, Enter, Backspace, and up and down arrows. You also get a 50-sheet paper feeder at the back where you can keep letter-width sheets. Its paper capacity is similar to the Canon iP110’s but surpasses that of the Epson WF-100 that can only hold a maximum of 20 sheets. You can print approximately 300 pages every month if you follow the printer’s recommended duty cycle.

• One drawback that users point out regarding the OfficeJet 200 is that it doesn’t have the automatic document feeder that allows you to print both sides of a page. Instead, its software interface supports manual duplexing that you can use to print both sides easily.

• You can connect the printer via WiFi and USB. Additionally, you can also connect your mobile phone or computer via WiFi Direct using its peer-to-peer connection. The OfficeJet 200 allows you to wirelessly connect your mobile phone or laptop using Bluetooth. There is also a USB Type-A port that allows you to print from USB thumb drives. But if you want to print from a digital camera, make sure it is PictBridge-compatible. When I tested the OfficeJet 200, I primarily connected it using its USB to my computer with a Windows 10 OS.

• The printer is easy to set up, and you may not need to see the instructions in the installation disc. However, you can use the quick-start guide to find out how to download the printer’s latest software update.

Another drawback that I noticed with this printer is that it doesn’t come with a USB cable. You need to use your own cable if you want to connect it via a USB connection.

Printing Speed

I must say that the OfficeJet 200 is pretty fast as it can print 9.5 pages per minute. Although the first page took 11 seconds, the subsequent pages came out fast enough. However, it slowed down to 8.9 pages per minute when I changed the setting from text-only AC power to battery power to print the same documents.

We have a full business suite containing PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and PDF files, and the OfficeJet 200 managed to print different types of documents at a rate of 4.2ppm. To compare its performance, I also noted the printing speed of the HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All-In-One Printer, and it managed to match the OfficeJet 200’s speed of 3.9ppm for text-only documents.

It would be unfair to compare the results of the OfficeJet 200 with the printers that we had tested earlier using our old business suite because it contained complex and graphics-heavy documents. My photo printing experience with the 200 Mobile was extremely satisfying. It printed 4 x 6-inch photos within 42 seconds, which was almost similar to the OfficeJet 250, and much faster than the HP OfficeJet 100 that took nearly 3.08 minutes.

Output Quality

Considering that the OfficeJet 200 is a mobile printer, I found its printing quality above par than other printers in terms of graphics, photos, and text-only prints.

I also tested the OfficeJet 200 to print different types of lines and gradients and the results were more than satisfactory. It had well-saturated colours with large and smooth background fills, but I also noticed a few mild banding in some of the backgrounds. Apart from that, the printer proved worthy enough for PowerPoint hand-outs and performed flawlessly whenever I required both photo and text-only prints.

Running Costs

One of the reasons why people sometimes prefer using standard inkjets over mobile inkjet printers is because the latter has a higher running cost. However, the OfficeJet 200 has a similar running cost as a standard inkjet if you consider its highest-capacity cartridges. Each black and white print costs 6 cents and a colour page costs 15.6 cents.

I compared its running cost with the Canon iP110 where black and white prints cost 6.3 cents per page and colour prints 13.4 cents. On the other hand, the Epson WF-100 has a higher running cost than the other two with 8.8 cents for black and white pages and 17.8 cents for colour prints.

The OfficeJet 200 has provisions for two cartridges: one containing black and the other a tricolour that includes cyan, magenta, and yellow. The high-yield capacity of the cartridges is much better than the Canon and Epson printers as it prints 600 pages in the high-yield black cartridge and 415 pages in the high-yield colour cartridge.

If you are one of those who need to print, copy, and scan documents on the go, you can also try our Editors’ Choice mobile multifunction printer, OfficeJet 250. In addition to its scanning and copying feature, the OfficeJet 250 is similar to the OfficeJet 200, although its dimensions are slightly bigger. It measures 3.6 x 15 x 7.8 inches and weighs 6.7 pounds including the battery. The price is $349.99, which is also slightly higher Than the OfficeJet 200. If you don’t need the scanning and copying feature, you can opt for the OfficeJet 200 as it’s a more cost-effective option.


After using various mobile single-function inkjet printers, we think that none of them come close to competing with the HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer. Its high-speed printing ability, connectivity, high page yield, long battery life, and high-quality output keep it way ahead of its competitors. Consider buying the OfficeJet 200 over other HP and Epson printers if you want high-quality prints at a low price and fast speed.

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