HP 14s-dq2502na Review

You may have heard about the Pavilion line of laptops from Hewlett Packard and how they are conveniently situated below the cost of the other Spectre and Envy lines of laptops. But you should also know that HP Pavilion Laptops are the second-lowest rung on the HP laptop list of computers. The lowest rung of laptops doesn’t even have a family name and are known only as “HP Laptops’ ‘.

Today we will take a closer look at the HP 14s-dq2502na Laptop which is in every sense of the word an economical laptop. Equipped with nothing more than 4GB of RAM and a 125 GB of Solid-State drive, this option has about half of what we have come to expect from most laptops being sold recently. But if you are not interested in using the Chromebook as your introduction to Windows, this is a good option.

HP 14s-dq2502na

Four Cores and S Mode

You will see that many of the listings on the HP 14s-dq2502na mention a dual-core Intel Core Pentium Gold 7505, we have found in our own tests that the processor is more like a Quad-Core with 2.0 GHz and 3.7GHz turbo. It also features a 14-inch no-touch screen with 1,920 X 1080 HD resolution.

The HP 14s-dq2502na also comes with Windows 10 (S-Mode) as its default operating system, this restricts the programs that can be installed to whatever is available at the Windows Store. But with a few clicks here and there you can find the original Windows 10 and this is what we used to install our own programs.

With an outer casing of silver plastic, the HP 14s-dq2502na measures 0.71 X 12.8 X 8.9 inches and weighs 3.24 pounds. This is only slightly heavier than the nearest rival the Asus Vivobook S14 — which measures 0.63 X 12.8 X 8.4 inches and 3.09 pounds.

The bezels found on either side are rather thin, according to the manufacturers, these are exactly 78% of the screen to body ratio. But the top and bottom borders are considerably thicker. There is no privacy shutter or face recognition capacity from the video camera. There is no backlight for the keyboard, but there is an impressive fingerprint scanner located in the palm rest which is great for skipping passwords.

There is nothing to find along the left side of the laptop, except for the HD slot. On the right side, you will find two USB 3.1 Type-A ports and one Type C port. Each of these reaches a maximum rating of 5 GBPS as opposed to the 10GBPS and 20 GBPS that we find in later versions. There is also an HDMI port, a headphone jack and a power connection.

The Bare Necessities

There is a 720p webcam that captures a reasonably good picture and includes a soft-focus image that does have a little more noise and static than we would like. The sound produced by the built-in speakers is adequate to fill a small room and more than enough to watch a movie at a short distance. The sound is a little muddy and flat for listening to anything more than background music.

We are always happy when we see that the Page Up, Page down, End and Home keys have been given their own dedicated buttons. Other than that minor detail, the keyboard is nothing impressive. The escape and Delete keys are too small to be mentioned and the arrow keys, unfortunately, have HP’s pathetic orientation. It can be very hard to hit these keys in succession.

The keyboard also has a hollow feel to it and this takes some enjoyment from the usability. The touchpad itself will glide smoothly but clicks awkwardly when pressed down.

This HP laptop comes with a full-year money-back guarantee and is preloaded with McAfee Antivirus, DropBox and LastPass.

Final notes

The HP Laptop 14s-dq2502na performs well in its intended purpose. It has sufficient power to go online, complete homework and can be carried around fairly easily. Its quad-core Core i3 CPU outranks what you will find on Celerons and Pentiums and is still offered at a fairly decent price. IT also has a superior array of ports.

But it can‘t be denied that spending €200 or €250 more will get you something far better that will also last you much longer. An improved screen and keyboard may not seem like a lot but certainly, change the entire experience of the laptop as a whole. Nevertheless, if you are happy with the decreased memory and limited screen size, this is a decent option.

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