How The Proper Network Equipment Can Boost Your Business Operations Overnight

As society returns to brick and mortar stores and other public spaces and public events, it’s clear that access to high-quality wi-fi is vital for all businesses. Employees need a strong network to complete their jobs and the customers require it as well. Those that aren’t able to access such quality wi-fi will go elsewhere to obtain it.

Businesses must have a resilient wireless network that can allow them plenty of users simultaneously. Such indoor and outdoor spaces require no obstruction to their connections. Walls and other barriers must be conducive to such wi-fi networks. Consumers who can’t access such products may go elsewhere and businesses will lose business to those that can accommodate consumers’ wi-fi requirements.

Networking equipment

Wi-fi has become a public resource. J. Gerry Purdy, a principal analyst at Mobiliocity states, “If people enter an airport, sports stadium, shopping centre, they anticipate being able to use their mobile devices and finding wi-fi at their destination”. People expect wi-fi to be available and if it’s not, they will go elsewhere to find it. Businesses want to keep their customers so it only makes sense to upgrade.

Even auto dealerships require wi-fi. Both employees and customers alike can be frustrated by spotty service at dealerships in the area. However, wi-fi 6 equipment helps to improve operations.

Why Good Wi-Fi Is Vital For Business Operations

Typically, people get frustrated by a drop in connection to the networks. Wayne Shuster explains this well, Wayne is a manager at Hansel Ford. As auto service technicians require a part, they want and need to be able to rely on their wi-fi connection to ensure that they can pinpoint and fix issues with vehicles.

Consumer experience manager Mikayla Lopez, another auto group employee, has often needed to use her cellphone as a hotspot to shoot videos for the social media accounts that they work on as a routine part of her job.

It can be frustrating at best to have such slow lag times. It was very challenging at best to deal with such issues.

Compounded by using a variety of vendors the networking installed at various locations can ebb and flow depending on the level of usage. To further complicate things, some of the equipment was managed via a third party, and others were managed by in-house staffing.

Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi 6

A major upgrade deployed via networking technology and wi-fi 6 access points via the various locations. That choice was given to the company so that they could move forward and manage their network in-house.

Confident in eh tools of the Cisco Meraki platform that was provided, it gave them all of the tools that were required to feel confident to manage it on their own without having to go through complex issues. These are built into the product and include all of the tools that are required to help troubleshoot such issues and maintain the security of the infrastructure.

Wi-Fi 6 technology allows you a much quicker connection which can speed things up to 75 per cent of less latency. Thanks to wi-fi 6 there are a variety of options that allow for the transmission from the routers to the access points and multiple endpoints all the while. Wi-fi 6 communicates far superior with multiple devices than other generations of such wi-fi technology.

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