Genuine Review of the Brother MFC-L8690CDW Printer

The Brother MFC-L8690CDW is a 4-in-1 device that can print, fax, copy and scan, and is a premium model from Brother, it has a lot to offer. It’s a professional colour laser printer with fast print speeds and a wide range of mobile and cloud connectivity options. All of these features combined have made it a flexible addition to any home or business, as well as a necessary component of today’s workplace. But is it all that?

Brother Printer

Here is a genuine review:

Which Printer Is Ideal for Large-Scale Colour Printing?

Laser printers, to be honest, are a headache for image-heavy and intense graphical prints. However, if we’re talking about the best printer for bulk colour printing, particularly for publications with fewer photographs, a laser printer is the way to go. Although bulk laser printers have greater initial start-up costs than inkjet printers, they are less expensive to run in the long term. This is partly because their printing costs per page are often just a fraction of those of inkjet printers.

We’ve looked at a couple of inkjet printers that are best suited to the Irish market, as well as a couple of mono laser printers. Our focus on this piece, however, is bulk colour printing. Let’s start by putting this out there: As a rule of thumb, inkjet printers are better suited for small-scale coloured printing jobs.

That said, what do you go for if you need to complete a large-scale colour printing project? — You’ll require a multifunction colour laser printer with super fast speed. Most people would naturally wonder why I would choose a colour laser printer instead of a low-cost inkjet printer.

After all, ink toners used in colour laser printers are more expensive than inkjet cartridges. Even more, ink tank/inkjet printers tend to be less expensive than laser devices. So, why would anyone suggest a laser printer for large-scale colour printing? Here’s why:

Why Should You Choose a Laser Printer Over an Inkjet Printer for Large-Scale Colour Printing?

• Printing Is More Efficient

Although laser printers take a few seconds to warm up, once they do, they may complete a job in a fraction of the time it would take to complete the same task with an inkjet device. Inkjet printing in bulk is almost always fraught with issues. Inkjet printers take longer to complete a task, and after a few hours of continuous printing, it’s not surprising to see the devices malfunction.

• Sharper and Clearer Text

Besides being super-fast, toner-based colour printers are impressively precise on paper. If text clarity is important to you, especially in bulk printing, a colour multi-function laser printer would be a good choice, not to mention cost-effective. A laser printer would the better choice if you were printing more than 100 sheets of coloured paper.

• Higher Monthly Duty Cycle

Duty cycle refers to the maximum number of pages a printer can print in a specific period of time (typically a month) without breaking down or showing signs of wear and tear. Naturally, manufacturers include this information on their products after conducting numerous stress tests to determine a printer’s average duty cycle. Laser printers often have a larger duty cycle than inkjet printers, making them far more suitable for large printing projects.

In the long run, toner is less expensive than colour ink cartridges when their operational times are put to the test. A laser printer is therefore always the best choice for printing anything more than 2000 sheets, whether coloured or monochrome, especially if ink economy is important to you.

While the initial cost of a toner cartridge may be higher than that of an inkjet cartridge, remember that even a mid-sized toner cartridge can print up to 3500 pages in print. With an inkjet printer, achieving such a yield is difficult. Furthermore, during their cleaning cycles, inkjet printers tend to waste ink, which is not the case with laser printers.

• Ideal for Simple Graphics

Laser printers will give nothing short of perfection when it comes to regular graphics. They are however not suitable for documents with many photos. In this light, colour laser printers are excellent for large-scale simple graphical printing, but not for elaborate diagrams. In most cases, a laser printer can quickly repeat simple printing of company data that includes text, charts and graphs.

So, Which Laser Printer Is the Best for Colour Printing in Large Quantities?

After learning that laser is the way to go for large-scale printing projects, you’re definitely curious about which laser printer to go for in Ireland. While there isn’t a simple answer to this question, we at Inkjet Wholesale have a few ideas based on our experiences with various printers. The Brother MFC-L8690CDW ranks first on our list. The Brother HL-L8360CDW and Kyocera ECOSYS P5021cdn Laser Printers are two other great options worth considering. Some of the factors to consider when choosing your ideal printer (and what informed us in narrowing down our recommendations) include:

  • Ink Efficiency
  • Power Consumption
  • Durability
  • Page yield
  • The upfront cost of buying and installation
  • Other specifications

Who Is the Brother MFC-L8690CDW Designed For?

The Brother MFC-L8690CDW is a robust multifunction colour laser printer designed specifically to be a printing solution to all small enterprises. This printer, unlike most commercial colour laser printers on the Irish market, is designed for quick results and large-volume colour printing operations. It’s not only wonderful for coloured prints; it’s also ideal for mono printing, with the same level of efficiency and profitability.

Because of its quick printing capabilities of up to 31ppm (pages per minute) for both mono and colour printing, this device is particularly ideal for a busy office. It also comes with a large paper input tray that can hold up to 300 sheets. This feature is extremely useful when you have a lot of paper to print and don’t have a lot of time to constantly feed it into the machine. Let’s take a deeper look at the device’s benefits below:

The Brother MFC – L8690CDW Strengths

• Reasonable Design

If you’re looking for a small excellent printer that will fit on an office desk, unfortunately, the Brother MFC-L8690CDW does not meet this criterion. Its large size, however, is a plus. The enormous size allows for large quantities of paper and toner to be accommodated, which is pretty obvious. From a practical standpoint, the printer effectively accomplishes 4 functions and even has several accessibility features, such as a large 9.3cm touch screen display. To accommodate all these features, of course, necessitates a lot of space within the gadget, so it had to be somewhat large and bulky.

In a nutshell, what we are trying to say is that we can’t label this printer as too large because it has so much to offer. The design is, to be fair, reasonable. The only major flaw with this printer is that, despite its 435 x 526 x 539mm footprint, it does not have enough room to print on A3 paper.

Regardless, the gadget weighs an average of 27.9 kg, which is reasonable for a four-in-one colour laser printer. Aside from the built-in 300-sheet feeding tray, the manufacturer also included an additional 250-sheet paper tray. This extra tray is designed to make printing large amounts of paper easier and to help you get more from your printer.

• 4-on-1 Multi-functionality

A truly handy feature, the Brother MFC-L8690CDW is a 4-in-1 device that can do four office functions at once. These include printing, faxing, copying, and scanning services. In fact, it provides Duplex functionality for all 4 functions, which means it can efficiently scan, copy, fax and print both sides of a document. When faxing, the printer employs a 33,600 kbps fax modem, which is extremely fast for business use.

The Dual CIS scanner on this device, on the other hand, has a resolution of up to 1,200 x 600dpi (from ADF) and 1,200 x 2,400dpi (flatbed). When it comes to coping, the printer scanner can copy at a resolution of up to 1,200 x 600dpi, and it can print at a resolution of up to 2,400 x 600dpi.

• Speedy Operation

For its price, it is easily the fastest colour laser printer in its class. To begin with, its scanning speed for both colour and mono documents is an impressive 56 impressions per minute or 28ppm (pages per minute). As previously stated, this gadget prints at a rate of around 31 pages per minute. Better yet, it automatically prints both sides of a document which saves you more time.

Based on our tests, the average initial printout time was around 13 seconds, which is quite quick, especially considering that some of the documents contained images. When it comes to photocopying, the speeds are pretty similar to those of printing. As such, you will easily photocopy mono and coloured pages at around 31cpm (copies per minute).

• Numerous Connectivity Options

The manufacturer included a variety of connectivity options. If you’ve come across any multifunction laser printer reviews online, especially for printers in this price bracket, you’re aware that the MFC-L8690CDW has more connectivity to offer. First, the device is compatible with both wired and wireless connections.

It has a USB Host port for reading external devices, a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connector for USB communication and an Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T port for the wired network interface. All external drives can be accessed via the touchscreen display. When it comes to wireless printing, the impeccable Brother printer has an IEEE 802.11b/g/n network port.

In this manner, even without physical cables, you can print with ease. You must, however, link the printer to compatible devices such as tablets, computers, and smartphones. Some of the supported wireless printing apps include AirPrint, Wi-Fi Direct, iPrint&Scan, Android Print Service Plugin, Mopria, and Google Cloud Print 2.0

Are There Any Shortcomings to the Brother MFC-L8690CDW?

Like any other device, it does have some limitations which include:

  • Despite its substantial size, it does not print on A3 paper.
  • When it comes to image-heavy papers, it falls short, but when it comes to documents with simple visuals, it shines.
  • Because of its big footprint, it may require its table.

Wind Up: Is It Worth Its Value?

Definitely. The Brother MFC-L8690CDW is a 4-in-1 device that can print, scan, copy, and fax, and it does so with impressively fast print speeds and has a wide range of mobile connectivity options. Indeed, when all these features come together, they give a printer worth its money!

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