Christmas 2021 Printer Deals

If you want to buy an inkjet or laser printer this Christmas, then be sure to continue reading. We’ve found the best discounts on these printers so you can get a Christmas great deal.

Most people are using their home printers quite a lot these days due to working from home. As a result, it has become a bit more difficult to find good deals, however, we have searched extensively for them.

Christmas Printer Deals

If you’re tired of paying a lot of money on ink or your current printer can’t meet your needs, then you should consider getting a new printer to solve these issues. We have found the best bargains for Christmas 2021 as well as the key things you should pay attention to when purchasing a new printer.

Now that there is a higher demand for printers, good deals are difficult to find.

HP ENVY 6032e printer Black Friday Price €79.99

9 months of HP Instant Ink with HP+

Canon PIXMA GM4050 Printer was €299.00 , now €234.00

A4 Mono Multifunction Inkjet Printer

HP 4120e All-in-One Printer was €79.99 , now €74.99

6 Months of Instant Ink included with HP+

CANON PIXMA G4511 was €329.00 , now €249.00

MegaTank All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer with Fax

CANON PIXMA TR150 was €320.00 , now €288.00

All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer with Battery - Black

Epson Expression Home XP-3100 was €59.00 , now €54.00

Wireless 3-in-1 Printer | Black

Epson WorkForce A3 WF-7710 DWF was €289.00 , now €269.00

A3 duplex 4-in-1 high-quality, low-cost-printing and flexible wireless solutions including NFC.

What you should look for when it comes to deals

The actual cost for the printer is only the start. You also need to pay attention to the cost of the ink. What may appear as a cheap printer can be quite expensive over time due to costly ink. There are manufacturers such as HP that are now proving ink subscriptions that will give you a particular number of prints for a set price every month. This will keep your spending in check.

The vast majority of modern printers provide multiple functions that allow you to print, copy documents, scan documents etc. There are also some printers that also allow you to send and receive faxes.

It is possible to find printer reviews according to different categories. For example, some categories include inkjet, laser colour, all-in-one models, laser, budget etc.

You should also consider printers that are Wi-Fi enabled since these are quite helpful when you want to print things from your laptop or phone. Additionally, if you need to print photos, you should check for memory card slots or USB ports.

There are many printers that you can choose from which makes it even more challenging to find the best one for you. Also, keep in mind that the printer industry is quite slow, so don’t be worried about purchasing the previous year’s model.

Laser vs Inkjet

The two main types of printer technologies are inkjet and laser. Basically, an inkjet type of printer sprays the ink on the paper in the form of small dots and they are typically a lot cheaper when compared to laser printers. Do keep in mind that you’ll have to pay more money on ink cartridges over time.

Laser printers use what is called toner which is powdered ink. The paper is charged so that it attracts the ink in the correct positions. Then, the ink is fused into place using heat. These types of printers are great for text and they can print a lot of pages very quickly.

When it comes to colour printing, inkjet printers do print high-quality images but they take longer to do so. On the other hand, colour laser printers can print coloured photos much faster but they are more costly.

Even though ink cartridges may appear to be cheaper in comparison to toner cartridges, you should keep in mind how much each page costs. An ink cartridge can only print about 100 to 200 pages whereas a toner cartridge can print 1000+ pages. It is possible to use third-party toners which are much cheaper than original toners from Samsung, Xerox etc. However, if you decide to do so, ensure that it doesn’t make your warranty void.

Best places to find printer deals during Christmas

We have created a well researched curated list of printer deals. Some of the retailers that you should check out include:

  • eBuyer
  • Argos
  • Currys
  • Viking
  • Best Buy
  • 123 Ink
  • Littlewoods
  • Box
  • Office Tech Express
  • Scan

If you’re interested in buying a printer on Amazon on their limited-time lightning deals, then it is best that you get a free trial of Amazon Prime. This will allow you to see the lightning deals about half an hour before other persons who don’t have Amazon Prime. Also, you’ll get next day delivery for free.

Cartridge deals

Over time, cartridges are very expensive. However, it is possible to find a great deal once you know where to go. Besides looking for deals at the retailers listed above, there are a handful of additional places you should check.

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