Caring for Your Canvas Prints

A canvas print is a great way to display your favourite photo. There are many online services that offer quality materials to bring out the vibrant colours of your favourite images while providing a unique texture to the wall art. You should take special care of the canvas to maintain that shine for years to come. But canvas material is a more delicate material when it comes to cleaning. This article provides information on everything you should know about caring for your canvas prints.

Avoid direct sunlight

Hanging your canvas art in a well-lit area is the best way to bring out its vibrant colours – especially if it’s a sweeping landscape. But you should not place the print in a spot where there is direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Although most canvas prints come with a UV-resistant coating, exposing them to direct sunlight every day can cause the print to fade over time.

Cool and dry is best

Cool and dry conditions are best to hang canvas prints. In fact, the temperature and humidity in your house can affect the quality of a canvas print. Heat and moisture will cause the print to stretch over time. Unfinished basements and bathrooms are not the best areas to hang your print. Moisture build-up can affect the artwork over time. On the other hand, avoid areas like the kitchen where cooking will generate smoke and moisture.

Dust, but don’t rub

Canvas prints collect cobwebs, dust, and other debris over time. Use a feather duster to clean the print. Just wipe off the surface of the print. Never rub the print with your fingers or nails. It can scratch the material and reduce its value over time. Try to use a slightly damp microfibre cloth if you need more cleaning power. Make sure to move the cloth in circles and don’t use any chemical cleaners. If the damp cloth doesn’t remove dirt and grime from the print, don’t use any chemical-based cleaners. In fact, household cleaners will break down the UV coating of the print and even strip away its ink. Once you get chemicals onto the print, it can easily damage the print. If possible, take the print to a professional cleaner. Check with your local art store for canvas cleaning services. In fact, they may be able to point you to a trusted service provider in the area.

Store with acid-free paper

When it comes to rotating the prints on your wall or move house, you should place the canvas print in the right storage. The most important thing is to wrap the canvas print in acid-free paper to store them over the long term. The paper will protect the canvas print surface from scratches. Since the paper doesn’t contain any acid, the canvas print will not be yellow over time. Make sure you store the print in a cool and dry area. Moisture, heat, and temperature fluctuations can cause the print to stretch and loosen over time.

Attach the canvas print securely

The most important thing is to carefully consider the weight of the canvas print as well as the durability of the wall that will hold the print. If your print is of moderate size, it can be hung by using screws or nails. If not, you may even use a hook for this purpose. But if you have oversized or heavy canvas art, you should make sure the fixings are sufficient to securely hang the wall art. If the canvas print is too much for the wall to bear, you may consider letting the art lean on the wall instead of hanging it.

Take care of humidity

Humidity is bad for your canvas print. In fact, moisture and humidity are not only available in the bathroom. Even in some of the driest places in your home, humidity can be a problem. If humidity is an issue in your home, you need to take extra care of the canvas print. The best way to protect the print from humidity is to wrap it tightly in a plastic cover. Make sure that there are no extra spaces in the cover to prevent dirt from collecting on the print.

Store the canvas print separately

If you have several pieces of canvas prints in your home, you should never store these pieces on each other. Make sure you always keep something in between each artwork when storing them. You may consider placing a 2 or 4-ply rag or mat board that is more than two inches larger than the canvas print.

If you plan to care for your canvas prints, you have come to the right place. The aforementioned article provides information on everything you should know about caring for your canvas prints.

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