Best Desktop Computers for 2022 in Ireland

If you have ever used desktops before, when they are utilized on a desktop, they are multifaceted tools that will allow you to do video editing, conduct scientific analyses, and create computer-generated pictures that would be well received even by a Hollywood level graphics artist. These computers, which are available for people at a wide range of prices, are accessible to most people, with the exception of those that may cost as much as a sports car. Compared to Microsoft Office, which is a decidedly simple system, this type of software will work reliably on PCs if you are going to perform many tasks using the desktop on your computer.

Before you start looking for a desktop, you should be aware that these are not exactly user-friendly, and you should know this before you purchase them because they are hard to configure and they may have a multitude of options that you may never need.

In order to simplify the process of understanding the systems, all of which will be beneficial for a good desktop computer, here are some of the very best and top-performing desktop computers that you can get today.

HP Z8 G4 Desktop Computer

One of the most well-known companies in the computer industry is HP, a business that really doesn’t need any type of introduction. The latest flagship desktop that they have produced is called the HP Z8 G4 and is primarily made for extremely difficult workloads that only a professional can truly appreciate. By comparison to other desktops on the market, its many features make it one of the most powerful systems ever produced.

For example, it uses what is called the LGA-3467 socket which is designated for a processor; these are connected to the motherboard and there are two sockets in total that can easily work with Platinum Intel chips, even those that have a 28 core processor. This machine is so good that it is able to host up to a hundred and 12 threads and over 50 cores simultaneously. For most individuals, even for an advanced professional, this would be more than enough for any workload.

Memory is also extremely good with these systems, featuring 3 Tb of DDR4 RAM when using the HP Z8 system. It also has ECC memory, along with 24 RAM slots, which is really more than this desktop will ever need. The storage capacity is truly impressive, allowing you to use multiple storage devices back in a total of 48 Tbs of data.

In regard to graphics capabilities, these are also impressive, primarily because it uses the latest Nvidia GPU, one that has 24GB HBM-2 memory on the graphics card itself. Even the most graphically challenging jobs can be handled very easily. It uses a power supply that is also extremely powerful and can produce more than enough current for even the most power-draining components.

It really is the best desktop that you can use today, regardless of what you are doing… Unless you are just trying to save money, it is a highly recommended system that you can really use.

Apple iMac Pro Desktop Computer

One of the most unique companies on the planet is Apple. This particular system is their flagship, a product that is an all-in-one system that most people will find useful.

It has a very elegant appearance; in fact, it is one of the slimmest computers on the market today. It has a 27-inch display, which is quite large, with a resolution of 5120 x 2880 which is going to produce absolutely astounding imagery. There is also plenty of colour space on the screen, mainly because it does support DCI-P3 colour space.

There is a motherboard on this computer that will support an LGA-2066 socket. If you have ever heard of the Intel Xeon series processors, you will know that these are extremely powerful, with up to 18 core versions, that will not disappoint. This also has exceptional RAM capacity which is much higher than most Windows-based systems going all the way up to 256 GB.

As for graphics cards, you have several choices: the Vega 64X, Vega 64, and the AMD Radeon Vega 56 for the system. 4 Tb of storage are available on this iMac Pro, and although this is quite large by comparison to other systems, it’s a bit lower than what you would expect to see. If you are going to run heavy-duty jobs on this desktop, you might be better off with the AirPort Time Capsule.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Desktop Computer

This was released not too long ago, and although there were some initial issues, it is doing just fine. At the time of this writing, Microsoft has used much better processors in their all-in-one systems which will provide 32GB of DDR4 RAM.

Although this does have a system similar to the Apple iMac Pro when looking at the screen, it’s a touchscreen, so it is a bit larger. The aspect ratio which is 3:2 can provide you with 4500 x 3000 resolution. And finally, it does support DCI-P3 colour space.

Surface Studio 2 is also very powerful because of the processor that it uses which is an Intel Core i7-7820HQ, a quad-core processor which will handle virtually any job you are working on. Compared to the dual-processor that they had before, this is a large improvement, yet it is also much lower when you look at other all-in-one computers. There are graphics card variants, two of them, that you can find in this system: the GTX 1070 and the GTX 1060, both of which come from Nvidia. In general, these are perfect for regular graphical workloads which might not be enough for some users.

Overall, when looking at the advancements that the Surface Studio 2 has provided, there are still problems that have not been resolved. It might be better to simply build your own PC, and pay far less money, but it does have a touch screen display that is very well designed.

Lenovo ThinkStation P320 Tiny Desktop Computer

This desktop uses seventh-generation Intel processors. It has a small design that will make it easy to carry around and it does have great performance capabilities that are better than some other prebuilt PCs.

32GB DDR4 memory is the maximum that you can get on the system, and despite having an Nvidia Quadro P600 2GB built-in, it will likely only handle regular workloads. Additionally, it comes built with an NVMe based SSDs which only goes up to 2 TB, but overall it will work very well.

Looking at Windows-based PCs, we believe that this computer will prove to be one of the best systems out there when searching for business computers.

Things To Consider about Desktop Computers

All-In-One VS Desktop

First of all, if you do decide to get a desktop computer or an all-in-one computer, you need to make this decision right away. If you opt for all-in-one computer systems, you are getting exactly that: it is one computer that has all of the components built-in. In fact, behind the computer monitor itself is where everything is housed, similar to the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 or the Apple iMac Pro. However, this is not true when looking at the Lenovo Think Station nor the Apple Mac Mini by comparison.

Most people will agree that desktop computers can typically provide everything that you will need for processing your work, but they do require external screens that can be cumbersome to use, particularly if you purchase something like the HP Z8 G4 which has a typical tower design. In both cases, there are benefits and drawbacks.

All-in-One Computer Pros and Cons:

  • Some are portable
  • You cannot upgrade these computers
  • Higher temperatures will occur because of poor airflow

Desktop Computers Pros and Cons

  • These are upgradable because they are in a tower casing
  • Much lower temperatures because of the enhanced airflow
  • They are not portable and will take up quite a bit of space

You really need to be realistic, though: if you are never going to open up your desktop, and change out any component, then the only reason that you would care if it is upgradable is if you have a problem and you need to do the repairs.
For instance, most people are not able to repair any Apple products at all, and probably won’t do it because they will not support people doing the upgrades or repairs, so even though desktops may not be as powerful, they are certainly easier to fix.

Keep in mind that all desktops, as well as some of the all-in-one computers, are going to need some kind of a monitor. The only other thing that you will need with these systems is a mouse and keyboard.

Processor Support

Even though your processor is a very important component, you need to realize that your desktop is much more important than your CPU. If you are gaming, your CPU and GPU are going to be relied upon heavily, and with most desktops, that task will definitely fall back upon the CPU.

When looking at desktops, you may realize that there is a wide range of processors that are utilized. For example, if you are using one of the best desktops, such as those that have the Intel Xeon series, these will cost more, but if you have a system that is less expensive, you may end up with Intel Core i-processors instead.

Xeon-series processors have a multitude of cores and are very powerful. Xeon processors, especially the latest ones, can have up to 28 cores, yet mainstream processors may only have up to 8.

Xeon processors are also going to be feature-rich, such as supporting Error Correcting Code RAM, which is scalable, plus you may also have access to multiple processor support.

Therefore, if you are doing anything that involves heavy computations, the Intel Xeon processor should be part of your desktop.
However, for basic computers, such as those that will not need to do anything demanding, the Core i-series might be all that you need.

Memory (RAM) Support

In between your functioning processor, and the storage on your computer is what is called RAM. If you have a very high RAM capacity, running a multitude of programs will be easy. If you are using, for example, a 16-GB RAM system, it will be easy to handle regular workloads, or even gaming, based upon how they function. Image processing, and especially video editing, is going to require up to 64 GB of memory. There are some workloads that are in the extreme, such as providing server hosting, and you may need to have hundreds of gigabytes of RAM which will necessitate having high-end desktops at your disposal.

Storage Support

Understanding storage capacity is a very easy thing to comprehend. Let’s say that you are working with the browser, or you are loading documents, then all you will need is a single terabyte of storage for these functions. If you are doing something much more comprehensive, such as editing video, up to 4 TB of storage, or even more, will be needed.

Graphical Capabilities

At our site, we primarily cover gaming, but we will also discuss powerful GPUs; that being said, if you are not playing games, you are not going to need high-end processing units designed for graphics.

Although all of this is true, there will be situations where having a powerful GPU will be a necessity. GPU use works much better at parallel, especially when compared to CPUs which are primarily for linear processing.

Both AMD and Nvidia are very large and well-known companies. They provide many of the mainstream graphic cards including AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce.

If you are using a desktop-level Nvidia graphics card, you might be using one from the Quadro series, whereas the Radeon Pro series will originate from AMD. We only recommend these for very specific niche situations, such as if you are using software that will require heavy use of graphics cards.

Power Supply (PSU)

When considering the power supply for any computer, you must realize that it is a necessary component… that is because it supplies the power for the components that you are using. If you have an exceptional power supply, running more components will be easy to do, and you can attach many more to your system. This is certainly true when adding graphics cards.

Doing graphical computations with these high-end graphics cards is very common, and we would certainly recommend using a PC or a desktop that has a 500 W power supply. Although we do not want to generalize, using a desktop is simply going to require more power. (Were you aware that the HP Z8 G4 can go up to 1700W PSUs?)


In conclusion, much of this is information that you may not have to be concerned about since this is regarding desktops that probably won’t allow you to choose the PSU that you really need. You only need to get a brand-new PSU if you have purchased a desktop and you truly do want to upgrade the GPU.

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