About us

BERTL is the leading provider of honest product reviews of office hardware, printing, workstations, servers, networking, and security for the UK & Ireland. Our research and lab testing is financed exclusively by Bertl.com. Our focus is on the end-user. Our goal is to provide objective and independent advice with the sole purpose of rewarding quality over the marketing that is heavily present on the market.

Our library of evaluation reports on workstations, copiers, printers, MFPs, servers and network equipment is publicly available for all interested parties. We cover all major manufacturers as well as new manufactures and their innovation projects.

At BERTL, we believe value is key, and we never compromise on quality. Our expertise in tech ensures users that they have made the right choice.

Our concept is powered by a team of people that are driven by commitment and passion to satisfy the need for information.

BERTL story began in late 2000 when we were a small computer and printer repair shop that was writing honest reviews about equipment that we were working with. During long 20 years we had our ups and downs with a period of almost 6 years under a partnership program that has prevented us to act independently. But never lost hope, and here we are in full glory with our famous Bertl again.