A Samsung U28R55 Review

The Samsung U28R55 is a versatile and affordable 4K monitor that is good for both gaming and dedicated home usage. It delivers 4K resolutions with a gorgeous IPS panel with excellent viewing angles. It’s meant to replace the U28E590 and the U28H750 which had better than your average TN panels, but all of the pitfalls that come with them. These monitors suffered from poor viewing angles and bad contrast. The IPS panel that’s used on this monitor is excellent for those that want a high-end 4K viewing experience without the cost to match. Continue reading to learn more about what makes this monitor so good.

Samsung monitor

Design and Features

This model is designed to be an understated business monitor. Because of this, you don’t have the flashy or over-the-top gaming design features that you will find in a lot of 4K monitors. While some enjoy these designs, some find them too gaudy for a home office. The monitor features a sleek and understated black chassis with a silver stripe in the front. This strip makes the monitor look even more premium in its build quality. Like a lot of Samsung monitors, the screen is completely free of bezels on 3 sides. However, you will notice panel borders which is the case for pretty much all modern monitors.


This particular monitor isn’t the biggest in the marketplace. However, it’s much larger than what you would typically find being used at schools or even in offices. Because of this, some may need to clear off space on their desks. This is especially true if you are planning on using the attached base. The base can take up to 10 inches of depth on your desk. Thus, it may be better to opt for a monitor arm instead. The monitor itself doesn’t weigh too much. It only weighs in at 12.79 pounds which makes it relatively easy to move around. However, it’s nowhere close to being portable.

The build quality for the U28R55 is good. It doesn’t stand out in this area, but it’s certainly good enough given the price point. The monitor is made out of hard plastic. The materials used by Samsung are both thick and sturdy enough to deliver good rigidity. You don’t have to worry about the chassis or panel flexing because of poor build quality. Likewise, the stand is very good for the price. It’s got good stability. However, the attachment point is too low. Therefore, you can expect the screen to wobble a little if you move your desk too much.

Samsung Monitor back

The monitor comes with a built-in OSD joystick for easy navigation. This is a good feature to have. A lot of the other monitors in the marketplace skimp on this feature which only makes it more difficult to use. The joystick can be found towards the bottom of the bezel. This makes it very easy to reach because you won’t find yourself having to lean in. Samsung has been known to do this and it’s something other brands should copy.

The stand that comes with this monitor doesn’t have all of the features you may want. It only offers tilt adjustment. It doesn’t come with height adjustment. Because of this, it can be difficult to optimally position the monitor. The stand is also overdesigned and unnecessarily large. Height adjustment should be a standard feature for any monitor no matter the price point. However, the monitor does come with VESA mounting which means you don’t have to live with the compromises of the stand. The VESA mount is 75 x 75 which means you’ll have no trouble finding a compatible arm. However, this does add to the total cost of the monitor.

This monitor comes with both DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 2.0. You’ll find (2) HDMI ports which should be sufficient for any workplace. It also includes a built-in standard headphone jack for easy private listening. While we enjoy these extras, that’s pretty much all you are going to need. Your motherboard has extra USB slots so it’s not needed on your monitor. Because this monitor has additional inputs, you can hook up a total of (3) 4K devices to it whether you have a gaming PC, a console, a Blu-Ray player, or anything else.

While this monitor doesn’t have built-in speakers, you also get a discounted monitor with it. A lot of monitors will include speakers only to increase the cost for it. These speakers are typically poor-performing anyways. They only make the monitor cost more and much more bulky. You’ll have a better listening experience using headphones or desktop speakers. While it’s always nice to have speakers included for those rare cases where you don’t have alternative options, it’s not something you’ll miss too much.

Display and Performance

This monitor features a 28-inch IPS panel and delivers true 4K resolution at 60Hz. The monitor has a very good response time measuring in at 4ms. This means you won’t have a lot of noticeable input lag if you will be doing any competitive gaming on it. The backlight of the monitor maxes out at 300 cd/m2 and the listed contrast ratio is 1000:1 like the majority of other IPS panels. While this particular model isn’t HDR certified, it is compatible with HDR10.

Samsung monitor

A lot of 4K monitor screens that are this small in size will look overly sharp. This is especially true if you are planning on using it more for productivity. That being said, it’s perfect for anyone that is looking for a gaming monitor or even a monitor for entertainment because you won’t be reading a lot of small text anyways. If needed, you can always use native scaling to make the text more readable.

This monitor features 100% sRGB coverage and 88% DCI-P3. This is a very good score for any monitor that is priced this affordably. This is especially true given how it looks in person. While the deltaE average right out of the box is only 2.42, it’s pretty good for a budget monitor. You could always adjust it more if you’re planning on using it for professional use-cases.

By doing some basic calibrations, you can get a much better dE average with better colour balance and more. While you won’t get prosumer level colour accuracy, you will get a usable monitor for editing work and general content creation. One of the negatives is that you will need to use a colourimeter to get these kinds of results which will only add to your total cost. These devices aren’t cheap.

This monitor reached 361:1 in SDR and it was capable of maxing out at 390 cd/m2 when it received a High Definition Range source. Whereas, the contrast ratio of this monitor maxed out at 951:1 and 1033:1. While it does suffer from the same IPS glare as you would expect, it does a good job of fighting it off as much as possible. Like all IPS panels, it doesn’t produce the best blacks and if you side-by-side compare it to a VA panel, it’s noticeable.

The overall level of panel uniformity is good. There wasn’t any noticeable light bleeding from the edges of the display. While you can notice some clouding on the sides in darker scenes, it’s not going to detract from your experience. Keep in mind, this is something that will vary based on your panel. Therefore, you may not have the same experience.

The pixel resp[onse time isn’t the best in the market. There were certainly some noticeable blurring and persistence in faster transitions. However, by swapping the mode to the fastest setting, it cleaned up some of the problems. That being said, it didn’t completely get rid of them either. While this isn’t expected to be a big issue for casual games, anyone that is looking for the optimal competitive monitor may want to look elsewhere.

This monitor comes with FreeSync compatibility. However, it’s not going to work with Nvidia’s proprietary G-Sync. While this is very common among a lot of 4K monitors, newer monitors aren’t likely to continue to have this issue. The input lag is measured at 12ms at the 60Hz refresh rate. Because of this, you may notice some delays while gaming.


This monitor is one of the best options available for budget shoppers. If you want an affordable 4K monitor that will deliver excellent value for the money, the U28R55 delivers. Not only is the screen extremely sharp and clear, but it comes with good colour accuracy for an IPS panel and a vibrant viewing experience. While the monitor does have its share of limitations, it features enough inputs to be a versatile monitor for any gaming or workspace setup.

You will always have to make some sacrifices whenever you are shopping for a monitor on a budget. This monitor certainly could use some improvements in its contrast ratio. It could also use a better stand. However, if you’re going to be attaching it to a monitor arm, this is a non-issue. As long as you can live with the limitations of the monitor, it’s one of the best value options out there.

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